VoiceThread is an application that allows people to post pictures or any other media source for feedback form other users. This application was developed at the University of North Carolina and has been a major success since its creation.

(from: sillitutorial.com)

There are three ways in which a user can provide feedback to a post.: voice, video, and text. The four technologies you can choose to use to comment are a cellphone, a web cam, a microphone, or a keyboard.

VoiceThread has spread through many schools, including ours, and is used in grades ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. A popular item about VoiceThread is that making an account is free of charge, and you can upload five (5) items free of charge. After you upload five (5) items free of charge, you must then spend money to be able to upload additional information sources. Educators mainly use this tool to post an image or video and require their students to answer a specific question or just respond with a comment.

Using VoiceThread is not complicated. Uploading an image. video, or any other source just requires you to hit browse. Then from there you can search for the source that you want to upload. Adding a comment is even easier because the commenting options are listed directly under the picture or video. There is also a doodling function that you can use while commenting to specify what you are talking about. Also, there are individual squares around the outside of the picture which represent other people's comments.

To make a VoiceThread account, just go to www.voicethread.com. From there, you click on "my voice" and you type in the required information that the website asks for. Here is a useful tutorial.