Google Earth

Google earth is an application that gives you a full view of earth and space. The program allows you to zoom in to street level anywhere on the earth and look around. The different layers of Google Earth allow you to look at buildings with a 3D view, street names, places of interest, real pictures of areas,and alot more. When you are looking at a place, you can add it to your places of interest by clicking on the yellow tack and naming it. This will put that place in your tool bar on the right. Also when zooming into a place on the map if you click places on interest on your left tool bar, all the local restraunts, police station, supermarkerts, parks, and places where people go, will appear.

Google Earth also has a second feature that allows you to look in space. You get to this by clicking on the moon on the top tool bar. Here you can look at all the planets, all the stars and consolations. If you wanted to find the distances from one planet to another, click on the ruler and see how many miles it is by clicking on two points.

If you need directions from one place to another Google Earth can find them. You first type in a starting point then an ending point and directions will show up in words and on the map. The directions will show you how many miles and when to turn.

Video 1: The first video shows you how to access and get started with Google Earth.

Video 2: This video just shows tips on how to use Google Earth.

Video 3: After accessing Google Earth this video will explain the 3 main searches.

Video 4: This video will explain how to navigate and use some of the tools.

Video 5: Once you are able to navigate around, this will tell you about the layers in your left tool bar.

Video 6: This is another feature that allows you to see sunlight at different angles and other tools.

Video 7: If you want to see the Sky feature this video will explain how to use it.

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