Animation Ish

What is Animation Ish?
Animation Ish is a simple easy-to-use program that introduces the basics of animation to beginners. It was designed by a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator named Peter H. Reynolds.

How To Use Animation Ish
There are three levels of Animation Ish. There is a very watered-down animation toy called "Wiggledoodle-ish", a slightly more advanced tool called "FlipBook-ish" and an almost professional-level animation tool called "Advanced-ish." It's useful to learn how to use each level of Animation ish in the order they are listed above.


external image IshWiggle.jpg

This level exemplifies the basic principle of how images move in movies. The program asks the user to draw a picture and then click next to progress. There are three drawing tools. A paintbrush, an eraser, and a fill tool. There is also a color palate with 8 colors. After the user is done drawing, the program asks the user to trace their drawing. Then trace one more time. The program then plays the three images consecutively and shows the image "wiggling." This is the basic idea of playing consecutive frames to make an image move.


external image AniFlip.jpg

Flipbook-ish allows the user to add and remove frames instead of only using three. There is also a new control to allow users to copy the previous slide instead of only tracing. This is useful to minimize wiggling of final products. There is also a new feature to play the animation more slowly or more quickly near the play button.


external image Ani_advanced.jpg

Advanced-ish has a plethora of advanced features. It allows for layering of images. In animation this makes it possible to have a constant background and allow only certain characters or parts of characters to move. For instance if one layer had character A and another layer had character B and another was labeled Background, all three could be modified separately. When a drawing modification is made on the character B layer there is an alteration made to the other layers. There is also a new tool which allows the grouping of certain frames together. This makes it easy to copy and paste scenes if the animation involves multiple scenes. The program refers to these as "boxes." There is also the ability to precisely choose the frame rate. The frame rate is the rate that each separate drawing is played. There are a few more colors in the color palette and even some pre-made drawings to play with. Lastly there is a tool to pick up and move entire pieces of the drawing that looks like a hand. Advanced-ish could be used to make professional animations.

Other Features Of Animation Ish
  • There is the Project Vault, which allows the user to save and open their files in a specific Animation ish file format.
  • There is also a tutorial included called Lessons, which can be found on the home page.

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