Wikis - A wiki is an online database that can be edited by anyone with access to it. It provides an easy way to link one web page to another. Wikis normally are collaborative websites that are used by several users. Using the wiki in a collaborative form can eliminate e-mail. With e-mail, people send various versions of the same document repeatedly. A wiki allows you to have one version of the document and it allows everyone to edit it. They can add information, delete information, or just correct grammatical mistakes. For those users who don't know how to use a wiki or are still confused, this how to video is the most helpful.

History - The first wiki was developed by Ward Cunningham. WikiWikiWeb was Cunningham's design, it was the first wiki created. It was originally described as "the simplest online database that could possibly work." Developed in 1994, Cunningham did not know if his idea would work. A year later, he installed it on Internet Domain and it quickly grew. Several years later Wiki has grown into one of the biggest things to do on the internet. The name wiki is derived from the Hawaiian-language, wiki, meaning fast. Cunningham decided to go with WikiWikiWeb because it was more catchy than using quick-web. Cunningham's invention quickly became one of the fastest growing ideas on the internet, and has grown from social and business collaborations, to being used in the classroom around the globe.

Classroom Use - Wikis have grown all over the internet, from social uses and business collaborations. Recently, Wikis have started to become more involved in the classroom atmosphere. Some schools have started to use the Wiki as a way to focus on individual classes, while other schools have begun to use the Wiki as their main source of information. The schools that have used the Wikis for individual classes have scratched the surface of how interactive a Wiki can be. The schools that have gone deeper into the Wiki have discovered how helpful a Wiki can be. Schools have based their Wikis around, social events, sports, dances, and other activities. Those schools have also used their Wiki for students to get work for their classes. Their students can get daily lessons, too. Westwood High School, Georgia, has taken their Wiki to places other schools wish to be in the future. Their Wiki has been going on for over a year, and that is what schools have to look forward to in their future. It is a great example of how, when given the opportunity, a school can take their Wiki to great places.

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