Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking is when groups of individuals can come together in the internet world. These networks are also good ways of obtaining information, and learning new things. This page summarizes social networking and the more popular sites. The most important you need to to understand about using social networking sites is to BE SAFE.
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Uses - Social networking gives you the ability to keep in touch with people from all over the world in a way that is much better than e-mail, chat rooms, or instant messaging. Social networks give the user the ability to talk to their friends in a public, or private way. It allows you to meet new people as well. It lets people view pictures of friends, and it lets them use other kinds of applications to play around and further communicate with their friends. The most important thing about these sites is that they allow the user to disclose their profile to their friends only, or if they choose, the user can make their profile public so that anyone can see it. Social networks also allow people with similar interests to get together and form a group with private discussion boards that let them talk about anything.

Facebook & Myspace - These are two social networking devices that are used by people of all ages from countries all around the world. These two networks are fun to use, but they are not 100% safe. Anyone can disguise himself or herself as being someone else on these sites. Personal identity theft is very harmful to people. While using these networks you need to make sure that although you might "think" you're talking to your best friend, you could really be talking to someone else. Be safe and be careful.

Although they are by far the most popular Facebook, and Myspace are not the only social networks there are. In fact using a program called Ning, you could create your own social network for whatever reason you need. School, work, research, projects, or anything else you could think of can all use a social network for better organization and as a way to collaborate with others. In fact one of our own students here in Millis has created a social network using Ning. Check it out.

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