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Social Bookmarks- Social bookmarks are commonly used applications that are closely related with the new Web 2.0. Social bookmarking "is a way for internet users to store, organize, share and search bookmarks of web pages" ( Bookmarking sites like allow the user to save a variety of sites that they find useful, along with a variety of other things. Our school is currently using "" as our Social Bookmarking site. The user can also do many other things like join a network, which will allow them to see what that network has saved themselves, the users in that network, and even what those users have saved.

Bookmarks also use tags, or one-word descriptions of what the bookmark is about. Using these tags and web semantics organizing all of the data you have put together is even easier and a lot more efficient. For example if a student needed to do several projects on the sun, volcanoes, electricity, and JFK all of the listed could be a tag. When a bookmark is made with these tags the data becomes organized. now when you have 50 documents you can pull all the information you have about JFK just by clicking on that tag.

Social bookmarking is derived from the favorite tab that most internet services offer, but is a much more advanced tool. When you use a social bookmarking website, you will be able to tag any website you want, tag it with anything you want to say so you can remember what the website contains, and finally can organize it so you can have thousands of websites on your social bookmark, but be able to find any website in seconds.

There are many social bookmarking websites out on the web, but some of the more commonly used bookmark are listed below:


Social bookmarking seems like a great tool to use, but there are some negatives that you should take into account when trying social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is done by amateurs, and this means that very little overview is done. Also, tags can cause problems. A person may look tag a website as "growing tomatoes", when the website has only a little blurb about growing tomatoes, and the main reason of the website is for the nutritional values of tomatoes.

These are an excellent way to keep track of information that one might find useful for school, work, fun, etc. It is an incredible tool in the 21st century which not only keeps people connected but also it keeps information connected.

StumbleUpon is a slightly different kind of social bookmarking. Users install the toolbar or go to the site, and "stumble." Stumbling is when you go to a random site based on a list of interests previously filled out by the user. Users can then bookmark sites they like by pressing the "I Like This" button on their toolbar or on the StumbleUpon website. This puts the website in their list of favorites, like social bookmarks. Like social bookmarking, users can tag the websites to help them or others find the website easier.

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