What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is more than technology, it is technology's impact on the human condition. We are linked up more than ever before. Our
digital environment provides instantaneous access to the whole of human knowledge, encoded in the Internet. There is no new
software or technology that characterizes Web 2.0. Instead, the term “Web 2.0” coincides with a change in attitude. We are entering
a new stage of utility for our technology. Now the web is perceived as a platform where individuals all over can meet and operate on. Interactions are taking place in the digital world more and more. There is business, which uses this network to manage and connect. There are emerging sites that allow people to actively shape the Internet by uploading their own personal content, by posting pictures
or writing blogs. Sharing and connecting have become primary intentions behind using the Internet. As we move ahead, technology
will take an even bigger role in the way we interact with the world. Below are the tools that make up web 2.0. Select a link to learn
about each tool:

Other Technologies
Social Bookmarking
Social Networks

For education the challenge is simply stated - schools must be sure to produce digitally literate students. As simple as that
sounds, listen to one of our Web 2.0 students and think what it means for school to produce a 21st century digitally literate student.

As we evolve into the twenty-first century, we enter a global arena. The age of isolation is over. Everything is becoming
increasingly connected. The influence of technology on society is pervasive, unavoidable. This is a time of great opportunity and
learning. In this century, success will relate to innovation. We have the knowledge, we have the material. What’s left is to remix and
play in order to expand our experience and add significance. Finally, information is being released from chains of control. Web 2.0 characterizes the emerging open and social dimension to our technology. Understanding this intimate interplay between technology
and user is crucial to move forward into this new digital world. Watch what happens when that intimate interplay is not understood.

What you just watched is a light hearted look at the nexus of humanity and technology. What happens if technology transcends
mankind? Web 2.0 can be of great benefit, however, the power of technology must not be overlooked. Ever hear of the singularity?

We advise you to be careful working, living, and playing on the Web. Check out the links below to learn more about behavior and
safety while using the web.

Behaving Responsibly on the Web
Knowing Who You are Talking To
Internet Security
The Cyber You
File Sharing