Using "Tubes" in the Classroom

There are several video websites used in the classroom here at Millis High School. These include, but are not limited to teachertube, schooltube and YouTube. Each site and how to use it is explained below. Besides using video as a resource for learning, video production is an important part of learning here at Millis High. TV production is a fun way to learn how to use media to communicate. See some of work our at our "Clip of the Week" and visit the Lights, Camera, Action page.


What? You use YouTube in the classroom? What are you nuts! That site should be blocked. We have been granted the privilege to access YouTube as long as we are responsible and do our work. There are many videos that we embedded in this wiki from YouTube. In our Web 2.0 classes, Web Ventures, TV Production, and Art and New Design, YouTube video tutorials are a valuable tool. Sometimes we find our own without the teachers help and teachers appreciate that.

Many people consider YouTube to be a site where you can find certain videos you want to watch for your entertainment or to help you out with a question. However, it is much more than that. It is really a community.

When you go to YouTube you will see four tabs. Youtube tabs consist of four links: Home, Videos, Channels and Community.


If the home tab were clicked on, it would bring you to the home page of YouTube, which lets you know what videos are featured or rising in the YouTube community. There is also a subscription link on the home page, which means the video watch page, or channel that you subscribed to will let you know if there are any new, uploaded videos. Also, in your account there is a link called Quicklist which is next to the link Account, when you click on that you can view your past viewed videos (history), your favorite videos, playlists, etc. Quicklist is basically the personal section of your account.

The next link is the Videos link. This shows you a list of the most popular and most featured videos on YouTube.

The next tab is the Channels tab This tab brings you to a page that shows you someone's personal page where they have their videos and information about themselves. This is similar to Myspace or Facebook.

The last tab is the Community tab. A YouTube community consists of groups.Groups let members share videos and have discussions about those videos. The YouTube community is also a place where you can participate in contests. Contests send you to a channel where you can upload your own video so that it will be posted on that channel so you are joined in that contest.

Of course, YouTube is mostly known, incorrectly we might add, for its videos not as a community. So how do videos get there? Well it’s simple. People create an account on YouTube and upload their videos onto the site. To upload videos you must go to your channel and select upload video. Then before you know it, your video is posted and people can view and comment on it.

There is also a feature on YouTube where you can watch videos while commenting on the video you are currently viewing. This comment section is located right below the video. This concludes our general discussion about YouTube. Please remember that YouTube is way more than just a source of finding entertaining videos. YouTube just like any other website is a way of communication. Think about how President Obama is using YouTube to communicate and inform.

To help you learn more about YouTube we have created a series of videos for you.

Video One
This video will explain to you how to navigate to a video you want to watch.

Video Two
This video will explain to you how to create an account on YouTube.

Video Three
This video will explain to you what a channel is and how to use it.

Video Four
This video will tell you everything you need you need to know about making a group on YouTube.

Video Five
The video will show you how to upload your own video on YouTube.


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