iPods - An iPod is an electronic device that allows you to listen to music, listen to podcasts, access photos, watch videos and access the internet simultaneously. With its convenient size and superior technological capacity, the iPod has literally taken the world by storm, becoming the world's most popular portable media player. iPods operate mainly off of iTunes, which is a "digital media player application used for playing and organizing digital music and video files" ( While there is much controversy surrounding the use of iPods in school, iPods do carry many educational benefits. iPods are an integral part of students' popular culture, it only makes sense to let that culture work for us, not against us.

Educational Value

Podcasts - With student's curriculum and workload becoming much more rigorous, student's need a way to access educational information in a quick and effective manner. If teachers post their lessons via podcast, students can download them directly to their iPods. With iPods, students will have the power to access a lesson or lecture at their fingertips. Also, if a student is absent from class, he or she will be able to access all of the information he or she might have missed. Because of iPods mobility, students will be able to bring the aforementioned information anywhere they want, and access that information whenever they want.

Internet Access (Newer iPods) - While older iPods do not have this ability, newer iPods are now able to access the internet. Internet access via the iPod can be a very useful tool. For example, if you take a VHS course, and you are nowhere near a desktop or laptop, you can access the Internet with your iPod and complete your work on time.

YouTube - Because YouTube has been recently unblocked, students can now visit the website, which is filled with a plethora of educational videos. Newer iPods are able to access YouTube via the Internet and watch videos. YouTube can be very useful educationally, for example, a teacher may assign a task for you to complete, if you do not know how to complete this task, you can bet that a how-to video is available on how to complete that task on YouTube.


Check out this how-to video on how to sync your iPod to your computer.

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