Internet Security is a serious problem affecting every person that uses the Internet. Some of the problems that occur while using the Internet are spam, spyware, phishing, and viruses. The first three problems are explained in the podcast which was created by three students from the Web Ventures class. Viruses are explained in more detail below.

Computer viruses are computer programs that can copy itself and infect your computer through a host. The viruses are sent using a host over a network, the Internet, or by using a floppy disk, cd, or USB cable. Viruses known as Trojans appear to be harmless files, however they are actually malicious software that can access your personal information and can hinder your PC's performance. Today, the world wide web, e-mail, and file sharing are used to spread viruses. Computer viruses can corrupt data, but can also only do as little as sending random text. Computer viruses take up memory and will cause some problems for the user. Viruses can also lead to a system crash where you lose all of your data. Windows operating systems have by far the most viruses, with the Mac OSX having a few. Linux comes in last with very little possibilities for viruses. Besides the video that follows, here is another good source that explains viruses, worms, etc.

For more information see the section on Internet Security in our school's website.

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