Flip Cameras

Video Creation Using Flip Cameras

Using a flip camera is very simple and easy to learn. Even young kids can use them. They are lightweight and very portable which makes it easy to bring with you anywhere. With just a click of one button you can being to film anything from a soccer game to a school project. After taking a video its very to upload onto your computer. It hooks up to any usb port without using any wires! You can make a movie by combining shots, you can also make a still shot and turn it into a picture. After editing your video you can share it with people through email, facebook, or even put it on a disc. Educause give's a good explanation of how to use the camera's in a classroom. You can also do your editing on the flip share application.

Helpful Hint: Before filming practice, practice, practice. Holding the camera is an art. If you hand is not steady -shaking - your video will be jumpy and you will have to re-shoot. You can put the camera on a tripod.

Editing Your Flip Camera Video

After you have hooked up your camera you are now ready to edit your video. The applications we recommend are the flipshare software, and iMovie. Another application we have tried to use was GarageBand. It was found to be a bad choice. After you upload your video it starts to freeze up and get all choppy. It was very difficult to work with it and made the computer run slow.