We are students at Millis High School and we welcome you to our Web 2.0 and 21st Century Learning Wiki. Feedback from readers is welcome so we can improve our work to help students everywhere. Contact us.

We are students of Millis High School, a public school located approximately 30 miles southwest of Boston, and near the towns of Medway, Medfield, Norfolk, Sherborn and Holliston. We are enrolled in a Web 2.0 class that focuses on applying new technologies of the web to learning. The Millis High School is smaller than many other schools, however many students here have accomplished a lot in our education. In 2007 our school was declared a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. This prestigious award recognizes Millis High School, as a school that is considered academically superior,and one of the top public schools in the country. We are one of two schools in Massachusetts, and one of three schools in New England to receive this highly recognizable award. Please watch this Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony video. Since then our school has received other awards and achieved other distinctions. We are proud to share those with you.

Connection, communication, and collaboration are the core tenets of our technology program. We are very proud of what we accomplished in our Web 2.0 classes. One of our favorite accomplishments was collaborating with faculty from Penn State University and creating an ETS podcast called ETS Talk 43: Back to School. This is also available on iTunes. We have also collaborated with students from New Castle, Australia and built a Ning. Several of our 8th grade classes have collaborated with students from Hopkinton, MA on cyberbullying projects.

The key to our success is blended learning.

The purpose of our Wiki is simple; to give the reader a better understanding about Web 2.0 and to explain 21st century learning. Written by students for students, this Wiki expresses our views of what Web 2.0 is, how it can be used in the classroom, and how it can help students build 21st century literacy. It's our hope to get our Wiki to expand out of the Web 2.0 classroom. The goal for the future is to give every class at MHS its own section in the Wiki, and to make the Wiki to the main source of information for students, teachers, parents, etc.

So the question is what is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 includes using applications such as social networking, search engines, rss feeds, file sharing, social bookmarking, and blogging.

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